Monday, 25 June 2018

A Guide for Musandam Trip

Looking for a place to go during these vacations? Well, if you love nature and want to get amused by every bit of it in these vacations then Musandam Governorate is your one stop to go to.


It is a hilly Omani peninsula foretelling into the passage of Hormuz, divided from the rest of the countryside by the regime of UAE.

When to visit Musandam Governorate?

Musandam contains a desert climate i.e. it's very dry and hot. The best time to visit it is Oct-Jan. The climate otherwise is too hot to spend vacations.


Sharqiya Sands:

This desert is your one stop to go for camel rides and to explore the beauty of the desert.  Its flora is also a big reason of attraction for tourists.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque:

It is a magnificent piece of architect made in 2001. Its unique design features minarets and room for 20,000 people to worship.

Jabel Shams:

It is the highest point in Oman and a popular landmark for hiking. A day and energized self is the best combination for visit to this place.

Nizwa Fort:

It is a fort made in the 1600s and has a great significance due to its history. Its round tower is also famous for its unique architect

Al Alam Palace:

It is the Sultan’s residence and is beautifully embellished with bright blue and gold columns. A touch of royalty in your vacations will surely rejuvenate your mind as well as the whole year.

Bait Al Zubair:

It is a cultural museum that reflects the history of Oman including their relics, costumes, and weapons. A good option if you want to get in touch with the historical side of Musandam Governorate.

Royal Opera House Muscat:

This place will provide you with a full package of modern entertainment. It contains a concert theater and garden containing a wide variety of plants.  Its architect is also fascinating as it’s a complex of Islamic-Italianate style.

Majlis Al Jin:

It is the second largest cave in the world located in a remote area of Selma Plateau. It is a really adventurous place to visit as the journey from traveling towards the cave to getting into it is full of adventures. You need at least a 200 m long rope to get into the cave. So, for the adventure lovers, this is a highly recommended place to visit.

Wadi Darbat:

Now, a place for people who love aquatic life and waterfalls. Wadi Darbat provides you a very exquisite view of the waterfall. It is an aesthetically pleasing place to visit if you really want to calm your soul down and let it get rinsed with the beauty of nature.

Snake Gorge:

 If you love to jump off from cliffs and dive into the water pools then YES! This place is made for you. It is a very fun place to visit especially when you visit the Musandam Governorate during the warm months.

Well, this was our guide for your Musandam Trip. Hope you’ll explore the enlisted place and get to have an exclusive Omani vacation.

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