Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Worlds Best Event Calendar

Eventopotamus - The Worlds Best Event Calendar

Where you looking for one place to have all the forthcoming events listed? Well, you got it! Finally all in one place – just click on your location and find out what’s going on in sports, music or cinema in your home town.

Eventopotamus is the world’s best event calendar online.

Patrick Zarrelli is the owner and founder of Eventopotamus. This site along with other 14 sites is part of the network called – Print Media Killer. Patrick has started this network with two news blogs that grew in popularity very quickly and in several years he added twelve more websites and united them all under one roof of Print Killer Media Network.

This network has sites in all areas of interests, from news blogs to sex toys stores. It’s a perfect place for banner advertisement. If you are a professional looking where to place your ads and get that targeted traffic you need or a website owner, Print Killer Network headed by Patrick Zarrelli is an ideal place. It has 14 websites, each of which with tons of traffic. This guarantees that you will get leads for your business and most importantly it will give you best value for the money.

Media advertisement has the highest ROI among different methods of internet advertisement. People are attracted by image advertisement because it appeals directly to their strongest basic emotions. So you get targeted audience for your business and higher sales in the end.

Patrick Zarrelli also manages Dependable Website Management company. This company first of all services the needs of all websites within Print Killer Media Network. But on top of that, this company offers professional services to all online business owners, regardless of the type of business they operate. Whether you are planning to start an online store and need a custom design solution or already have a website and need the SEO – search engine optimization, to bring traffic to your site, Dependable Website Management is the place where we will make this all happen for you.

Patrick Zarrelli, the CEO and founder of the Print Killer Media Network, is also the former publisher of the South Florida Chronicle, and former Vice President of Beachfront News.

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