Wednesday, 30 December 2015

All Crime Stories All the Time

Daily Criminal: All Crime Stories All the Time

Daily Criminal is a blog that covers exclusively current crime news. It is picked by most readers as one of the most trusted sites delivering the latest criminal stories.

Started by Patrick Zarrelli, the CEO and founder of the Print Killer Media Network, this blog has become very popular and is now a member of the Print Killer Network. Behind the Daily Criminal is a team of dedicated contributing authors who go a long way to find some of the most horrid and out of place crime stories.

What sets Daily Criminal apart from other crime news blogs is that it covers basically everything ranging from street safety, family safety, patrol stories, celeb crime stories, drug-related crimes, police brutality, anti-crime stories. The site also has videos and picture galleries that are regularly updated.

Breaking news about thefts, break-ins, shootings, fires, and other criminal activities are presented in a straightforward crime news format, including pictures from crime scenes or videos. When people are looking for unbiased crime stories, this is the place to be.

The site is part of the network owned and operated by Patrick Zarrelli, called Print Killer Media Network. Patrick is also a president of Dependable Website Management, a company that offers website management services to all network websites. Print Media Network consists of 14 different websites. From news blogs to adult toys, the network provides the best space for image advertisement for online businesses and for professionals.

Patrick Zarrelli has started as a publisher of South Florida Chronicle and Beachfront News, but as traffic escalated he expanded his network and turned it into a successful advertisement space for websites as well as for practicing professionals, like attorneys or accountants. This type of advertisement generates targeted traffic of high quality and has a very high ROI.

Patrick Zarrelli still manages day-to-day activities of all his fourteen sites and leads an active life is a beautiful South Florida.

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